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Scrapbook Quotes and Poems

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Scrapbook Quotes and Poems

Scrapbook quotes and poems, added to your page layouts can help convey what was happening and how you were feeling in the photos.

I don’t add quotations or poems to every scrapbook page, of course, but I sprinkle them here and there on my pages.

What I like about journaling and adding scrapbook quotes and poems is that you can add them or remove them at any time.  What I mean is that after your page layout is finished you can write a quotation or poem on a tag and insert it on your page.    Just leave a space in your layout for a quote and you can add your bit of  journaling or quote on a tag.  Make sure you use removable glue dots  in case you decide to remove it later.

Where can you find scrapbook quotes and poems?

When my kids were little they said some very cute and amusing things and I bet your kids did, too.  Start writing down the funny things your kids say in a notebook to use for future scrapbook quotes.

Did your grandparents or parents have a favorite saying or bit of advice that you always remember them saying?  Use those for scrapbook quotes along side a photo of them.

You can find books of quotations and poetry in your library or bookstore.  I have found some great books  for really low prices on eBay.  Keep book like these for reference in your scrap room.

If you search on the web you will find websites devoted to quotes that you can use for free.

There are CD’s that you can buy and use to print out quotes to use on your layouts.

You can also find all sorts of supplies and products with scrapbook quotes already on them such as stamps, vellums, die-cuts, rub-ons,  tags and stickers.  You can find these in all sorts of themes, such as friendship or family.   If you use pre-made quotes you don’t have to worry about your own handwriting. ;)

Your journaling, along with scrapbook quotes and poems will enhance your pages and make them more personal.

Two online scrapbooking supplies stores that we like have sections on the their sites with free quotes that you can copy and use.  Visit or for supplies and scrapbook quotes.


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